Collaborating in mozilla projects

- By Yábir García

This last week I've been working on different projects at the mozilla repositories in github.

I enjoy working with other people in open source projects that I believe have a positive inpact. This is the case of the projects I had the oportunity to work on.

The one I'm more proud about is a little tunning I did to a struct used to create json request to an API. This is the commit. The reason I'm so proud about this one is that this one is my first rust commit to a project that is not mine.

Rust is a lenguage that I've played with earlier but never seriously and during this time at home I've been more serious with it.

Also I made a couple of contributions to domain_utils. As far as I know this library is being used in some serious projects and my help was good.

Lastly I cuntributed to bugbug a project to use AI to improve how mozilla handles bug reports. I'm happy with this one because let me learn something new, the struct module in python.

If you want to contribute to mozilla and don't know where to start I recommend you this page where you can filter by labels, for example good-first-issue.