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Looking back: March
Apr 1, 2018
2 minutes read

In this serie of posts I want to summarize what I have archieved, what I’m doing and share things I liked from the previous month.

What I have done

  • I joined the Google HashCode 2018 with the Oh no team. We ended up in a good position with a total score of 36,448,230. The code is available at github.

  • Started to record my study habits in a spreadsheet so now I can count all the hours I spend studying and what I study. At the end of the semester my idea is to make an study with all this data. By now, I have 23 days registered and a total of 50h.

  • Learned to deploy docker’s containers, to create my own image and how to manage containers with docker-compose files. I achived this thanks to create a lychee server.

  • Presented a propousal to work with Read the Docs at the Google Summer of Code.

  • Participated in the google kickstarter but I didn’t made a great performance.

  • In order to improve how I learn, I installed Anki and I created some decks.

What I have learned

  • ActivityPub is something that has my mind trapped now.

  • Started with Clojure following the book online of Clojure for the brave and True. At the beggining I dind’t liked it too much but now I see the potential that it has.


  • I want to use one of those portals to share links. But for now I will post a couple here.

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