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Looking back: June
Jul 1, 2018
One minute read

What did I do / What I’m doing

June has been a month of doing a lot of things and at the same time nothing.

  • I finished my semester. Now It’s time to enjoy!
  • I’m working on zinat (that soon It’ll get a new name). I want to writte a technical post about what technologies are involved and how I wrote the code. At the moment I’m a bit slow but things are working.
  • I ordered a Revolout card and I love it <3. Need to share because It’s a great experience and maybe I’ll post more about this on the future.
  • This month also I managed to deploy a Pleroma instance and it’s cool.

Product review

  • This month I bought the 1$ pack of stickers and they are great. The quality is very good and the came well protected.

Sad things

  • For three months my phone was google free using Lineage OS and microg, but no I’m back with gapps.

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