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Leaving google
Feb 17, 2018
3 minutes read

Recently I have tried, as the title says, scape from google as much I can. The first thing to care is my smartphone.

I use a OnePlus One, so it has android inside. Since a year or so I’m using LineageOS with a custom ROM, TugaPower. All the time I have been using Gapps but now I updated to the Android 8.1 beta of my ROM and installed microG.

MicroG is a project aiming to replace the Google’s code in Android smartphones with a free software clone of the libraries from Google used by apps. You can use your device without microG but things like push notifications won’t work.

TugaPower is shiped without Google’s software so you are free to install whatever you want (it is a key point).

To install microG I used F-Droid as is described in the download section.

First you need to download F-Droid and after that add to the repositories microG in the setting of the app once installed. After that I searched microg and installed microG Services Core and microG Services Framework Proxy. With that all is set-up and ready.

There are some apps that I use and are not available in the F-Droid market. To solve that I installed Yalp Store from F-Droid.

Yalp makes something like a fake id and downloads the APKs from the Google’s Play Store.

The APPs that I have installed from F-Droid are:

  • Amaze - Manage files
  • Camera Roll - Gallery app
  • K-9 Mail - Email client
  • KeePass DX - KeePass client for Android
  • NewPipe - A youtube interface
  • Simple Contacts - A contacts manager
  • FreeOTP - Alternative to GAuthenticator
  • Gadgetbridge - Use my Pebble
  • Tusky - Mastodon client
  • Yalp Store

From Yalp Store I have downloaded:

  • Firefox
  • Brave - Another browser based on Chromium but apparently it cares for your privacy.
  • ReadEra - Read ebooks
  • Reddit
  • Telegram X

If you are a user of Telegram as well you can install a version from F-Droid but is the classic app, the X version is only available from the Play Store.

The big fail for me is Google Maps. It offers a great service and has a lot of information. OpenStreetMap is cool but doesn’t work well for me. A possible alternative is Here Maps but is not as complete as GMaps. Also even when Google Maps works good it takes more time to know where you are.

As alternative to Gmail I use ProtonMail.

For my contact list I exported my complete list from gmail (the list that is always there when you sync your android with google) and used Simple Contacts to import the file in my phone. Now I can also export it so I don’t need Google to sync my list.

Also as a developer I have removed Google Analytics from my projects.

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