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Anfora at CUSL
Feb 8, 2019
2 minutes read

What is CUSL?

CUSL is the acronym for ‘Concurso Universitario de Software Libre’ or Universitary contest of free software. I’m taking part on this contest with Anfora.

Week 1 (Feb 01 - Feb 08)

In this first week I’ve managed to achieve a lot of things.


  • We have basic support for a dark mode 99407d8 and 21465a7.
  • Now some little issues with requests and undefined variables are fixed e88d9c6 and 21d5db6


  • The best of the commits is this on were AP federation starts to work 3d4b890

  • Some issues with blocking endpoints were fixed 9a51b2b

  • A downgrade or update has been necessary for some packages after an issue updating them 5835a7a, aa854b3 and 4343214


This week I’ve experimented with image filters on python and I’ve created this public package to apply some of the filters on Instragram. There’s a minor effects that is not finished but I’m working on it.

Week 2 (Feb 09- Feb 15)

This can be title the black week. I wanted to deploy a test instance but It was a big failure. Mostly because I rushed the code but I wanted to let the people test on the go.


  • The issues with nodeInfo were fixed 8e84a08. NodeInfo is an standard to discover platforms in the federated wolrd. More info here.

  • We have new code to share the new statuses with followers 3cc3539.

  • New API endpoint to share with the client when the server has registrations open 912b0f7b.

  • Now the creation of new users is handled async fixing a bug in the main thread were many requests were blocked 1d31fd2

This week have tought me a lot of things and I’m taking a rest to go back with federation again!

Week 3 (Feb 16 - Feb 22)

This week was to rest before going back to code.

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